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business philosphy

HILIVING’s business philosophy is touching our customer’s hearts on the basis of honest and transparent policies.

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    A company accompanying you in the future
    Since 1996, HILIVING has recorded a persistent growth and has made a name for itself as a leading company in network marketing, acknowledged by those within and outside the company. The company is receiving its official approval by being awarded “Grand Award in Brand of the Year”, “E-commerce Grand Award”, “Grand Award in Receiving Customer Trust”, and the like through high quality products, reasonable marketing, and its brand power.
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    A “Member-attached Company” that puts customer satisfaction first
    HILIVING emphasizes a member-attached business that thinks of customers as a family. Along with the HILIVING headquarters located on Sogong Road in Jung-gu, the 16 plazas and centers in the country take the reins in aiming for customer-attached business through various services and support systems.
  • 3
    System run by putting together on and offline distribution channels; an internetworking company
    Providing an online and offline organic distribution system and physical distribution service through the first Internet shopping mall of its field of products in 1999, mobile app service, 16 plazas and kiosks in the country, call center, and an independent distribution center.
  • 4
    Reasonably priced high quality products, mainly daily necessities
    In alliance with 120 prominent businesses in the country, HILIVING sells around 2000 diverse daily necessity products. Living-focused business plans that provide high quality products at an economic price guarantees customer benefits and provides a foundation to make dependable growth possible.
  • 5
    Society volunteering actively running as a company that fulfills all responsibilities
    HILIVING is continuing its warm footsteps towards the neighbors in need. Scholarships are periodically provided for members with middle, high school or college students twice a year, and we are actively planning out various cultural businesses and programs.
  • 6
    Number 1 in trust and faith and the number 1 business brand
    HILIVING is putting in all efforts for fair trade by implementing a compliance program. As a number one company in trust and faith from all citizens as well a number one company in the business brand, the company will deliver a rich future and happy lives to customers, and will prosper further as a leading business to complete a trustworthy society.

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