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Healthy teeth until age 100

Healthy teeth until age 100

In the modern world we expect the average lifespan of 100 years; increasingly there are people who have not cared much about gum care and have lost their permanent teeth early and are relying on dentures and prosthetic appliances. But no matter how great prosthetic techniques are, nothing is more comfortable than one’s own teeth.

In order to lessen these harmful effects at least a bit and increase the quality of life, HILIVING has launched the professional brand for oral health care, Doctor Bright, with the biggest and the most professional skills from each field in the nation.

This is the representative brand of HILIVING’s oral health care products, developed with a mindset to help keep precious permanent teeth until the age of 100 by preventing and alleviating many factors that could have severe effects on precious teeth if left alone and health; also cavities that cause much pain and discomfort for life if not taken care of properly at a young age and gum diseases that more than 80% of adults suffer from.

HILIVING’s oral health care representative brand, Doctor Bright, will take responsibility for oral health and cleanliness, promising everyone oral health and bright smiles.

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